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Osteopathy is an extremely gentle form of treatment that is suitable from birth and all through childhood. 

Caring for an unsettled child who is in discomfort can be exceptionally stressful. Osteopathic treatment can be beneficial for babies or children who may be experiencing:


  • Difficulty turning their head

  • Crying or irritability for long periods

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep

  • Signs of digestive discomfort

  • Altered walking or crawling patterns

Audrey has completed numerous post-graduate courses in paediatric care. 


Galway Osteopathy is open for emergency/essential appointments only while Level 5 restrictions are in place. 

Emergency/essential appointments will include those in acute pain, treatments where waiting 6 weeks would be detrimental to a patients health or significantly reduce their ability to function in their daily activities, or where it would otherwise be necessary for the patient to attend a HSE service (eg GP) if treatment were not to be provided. 

An online Telehealth appointment is essential for all new patients to assess the suitability for a face-to-face treatment.

For all appointments please call Audrey on 0877658457

Appointments can be booked online from the 1st December onwards for non-emergency/essential treatments. 

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