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Back Pain

Research shows that back pain will affect up to 80% of us at some time in our lives.  We know that back pain is a debilitating problem that often re-occurs if not treated and managed correctly. 

Osteopathy involves gentle manual techniques such as stretching, mobilisation and manipulation to reduce pain and increase mobility. 



Galway Osteopathy is open for emergency/essential appointments only while Level 5 restrictions are in place. 

Emergency/essential appointments will include those in acute pain, treatments where waiting 6 weeks would be detrimental to a patients health or significantly reduce their ability to function in their daily activities, or where it would otherwise be necessary for the patient to attend a HSE service (eg GP) if treatment were not to be provided. 

An online Telehealth appointment is essential for all new patients to assess the suitability for a face-to-face treatment.

For all appointments please call Audrey on 0877658457

Appointments can be booked online from the 1st December onwards for non-emergency/essential treatments. 

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